Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating requirements for running Molly?
Molly is a server-side architecture and requires Apache 2, PHP 5, and a database. Standard installation of Molly requires configuration via Apache's .htaccess mechanism, however experienced web developers can use alternate configuration techniques. Molly is developed under MacOS X with MySQL. is a Linux system.
Is there an installer for Molly?
We are in the process of beta-testing a new installer script. If you are interested in trying it out, please contact us. Installation is relatively simple without am installer though, and explained in the Webmaster Manual.
Can I use Molly to build commercial sites?
Yes. Molly is open source and free and has no restrictions on use.
Can I pay you to build and/or support a Molly site?
Yes. Dr. Vullo is available on a consulting basis. He also often has student workers available as well.