About Molly

Molly was born on December 4, 2000 as a project to build a library of reusable PHP functions to facilitate the development of an international online community of physicians who were interested in sharing expertise. Over time Molly grew and matured into a general purpose server-side development environment and has been used to build virtual communities, electronic health record components, mobile web apps, distance learning tools, online communities, and myriad other web sites - even a grid-supercomputing portal.

Molly's underlying philosophy is to bring simplicity to the development of complex web sites and apps. Molly is an open source system and architecture that allows web site developers to build dynamic web sites using simple HTML and MAML (Molly Active Markup Language) tags.

Although Molly is written in PHP, no programming is necessary to build a Molly-based web site. Molly does all the hard work for you, and works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or any ODBC database. Molly does, however, require knowledge of HTML and CSS and is a tool for web developers who prefer to build hand-crafted web sites.

What you are looking at is a working installation of the current version of Molly. We "go live" with the current version of Molly before release to make sure everything is working the way we expect. We also test mission critical modules (such as MollyPoint) here before release.